The 8 Surprises You Didn’t See Coming in College Football This Year

  • Jameis Winston

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    Florida State: The new Cardiac Kids

    The Florida State Seminoles entered the season as the defending national champions; they are now the hunted and not the hunters. Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston seemingly put his mischievous ways behind him and a strong title defense was on the menu, and while they’re still undefeated and ranked third in the nation, according to the College Football Playoff Rankings, they seem to enjoy being down before surging back to win. Jameis is still having some issues off the field, but he seems to be one of those players that uses the field of play to block out any other distractions, and his appetite for seafood.

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  • TCU is back

    Texas Christian University began unranked in the polls, but, as often proven, polls don’t really mean much before games have been played. TCU is seemingly playing the game on the easiest setting possible, putting up 82 points against Texas Tech, and even in their only loss of the season it was a basketball score of 61-58 against their rivals at Baylor. Adding to the surprise of the team’s performance, former wide receiver-turned signal caller Trevone Boykin has proven to be more than solid with 23 touchdowns and only four picks.

    TCU is third in the country in scoring, and the Horned Frogs still have work to do.

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  • The entire state of Mississippi is dangerous

    Ole Miss is top 10. Mississippi State is No. 1. State’s head coach Dan Mullen was on national radio openly expressing his hatred for Ole Miss, and the Egg Bowl showdown is looming in the distance at the end of November. I’m sure that’s where we will see Dak Prescott and company face their toughest test thus far, although they’ve won four out of the last five meetings.

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  • Kenny Hill

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    Texas A&M needs you, Johnny Manziel

    The Aggies were ranked 21st to start the year, but as previously stated, you can’t always depend on preseason rankings to determine the luck of a team throughout the year. They put up a goose egg in a 59-0 loss to Alabama that capped off an ultimately treacherous October that saw losses to the aforementioned schools Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Even after beating Auburn, this team is barely top-25 material. But they do have those throwback uniforms that replicate leather helmets. That’s cool, we suppose.

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  • Brady Hoke

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    What happened to the Michigan Wolverines?

    Michigan Wolverine head coach Brady Hoke came into the program after a tumultuous period under Rich Rodriguez that saw them finishing consistently under .500, and in his first year finished 11-2. Since then, the record has continued to drop and their offense is staler than two days of old bread. Currently 116th in passing and 110th in scoring, they’ve gone from the Sugar Bowl to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. With school and personnel shake-ups, the only bowl they may be in this year is the one we pass to them on the couch.

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  • Will Muschamp

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    The once mighty Florida Gators

    The University of Florida was on top of the world just a few years ago (years ago). Now, not so much. Will Muschamp has been on the rocks for the last year, and after going 5-3, they still can’t defend and their offense is pretty woeful when playing against tougher opponents. In a conference like the SEC, it goes without saying that you can’t be caught slippin’ and unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Florida Gators have been doing for the last two seasons.

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  • Brett Hundley

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    UCLA was NOT the team to beat in the PAC-12

    They came into the season ranked at seven. Now they’re hanging on in the teens. Their inconsistent defense and poor penalty record have been the main reason why the Bruins have failed to shine in 2014. With back-to-back losses to Utah and Oregon, the Bruins barely beat Cal-Berkeley, who were 1-11 last year, and had to fight to come back against a pretty bad team in Colorado. They have the offensive weapons and we all know the Pac-12 can be a little shaky, so there’s still hope in making the playoff, even though all of their final games are in conference.

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  • Does Notre Dame have a chance?

    Their first loss was a last-minute one from top-ranked Florida State, however, all of their wins came at home against unranked opponents, thus weakening what they’ve done by a slight margin, and after losing to Arizona State, it’s probably impossible for them to get back into the playoff hunt. They have some tough games to close out the year, and coach Brian Kelly knows what he’s doing. However, even as their skill players are playing well, the Fighting Irish still have to face Northwestern and Louisville at home, and then travel to USC for their rivalry game to close the regular season. We’re betting the playoffs don’t happen.

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  • Jameis Winston
  • Trevone Boykin
  • Dak Prescott
  • Kenny Hill
  • Brady Hoke
  • Will Muschamp
  • Brett Hundley
  • Everett Golson

The holiday season is here. You’re planning trips out of town, stressing over who needs what gift, and even more so of what gifts you may be giving, and in between all of that, sports are still happening. Amongst the Turducken, there is a plentiful amount of hockey, and NBA basketball with the return of stars like LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and Kobe Bryant, as well as NFL football and the ever eventful college football bowl season.

There are few things in life that are guaranteed, with taxes, crazed football fans doing something dumb, and weekly Jordan releases being some. The other lock in life is that the unstable top 25 rankings in college football are guaranteed to be flipped upside down in comparison to late August. It always happens every year. Upsets are bound to go down, and we’ve seen some of the most talented teams of the modern era stumble before the big moments.

The first-ever College Football Playoff is looming large, and by the time the season’s over this list of things that have taken us by surprise could, unsurprisingly, be irrelevant. But from the big names we thought were going to dominate this season to the list of freshmen who came on the scene from out of nowhere and acted like they owned the place, this season has been anything but dull. Here are The 8 Surprises You Didn’t See Coming in College Football This Year. I warn you now, there are sports clichés everywhere.

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