7 Shoes Every Female Sneakerhead Needs for the Winter

  • Timberland boots atothebed


    Timberland 6-inch boots

    The Timberland 6-inch is a staple that is good to have on rotation. I personally wear them all year whenever the mood strikes but they really shine in the fall/winter season. Timbs are good for lighter snow days and the traction on the rubber sole will keep you upright on slippery surfaces. Pick up some suede protector spray and you should be good for at least 1-2 seasons (I’m on season 3 and still going strong). They’re also accessible enough to replace every other season if needed. Although wheat and black are the popular choices, Timberland also offers a wider color selection now–I’m a fan of that cream colorway!

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  • Nike Air Huarache Sneakerboot
    Nike Huarache Sneakerboot

    I didn’t always like sneakerboots. I still don’t really, but sometimes they drop a pair that looks great and you can’t even be mad. I recently saw the new Huarache sneakerboot for women and they look pretty great. Huaraches can be hard to wear in the winter–the neoprene windows are difficult to keep clean and completely absorb water but Nike has provided an excellent alternative. I’ll need to pick up a pair soon.

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  • adidas Superstar atothebed


    adidas Superstar

    If you don’t exactly want to put your sneakers away yet or if it just goes better with your outfit, the adidas Superstar is a good beater shoe for the winter. The Superstar is a cool classic that you can take pretty much anywhere because you love it and you can easily clean or replace it when the time comes. I don’t really beat my shoes up but I like these nice and crispy in the spring/summer, and then wear them through fall/winter and replace them at the end. The shelltoe will prevent water penetration and the leather for the most part will repel water. Just don’t go jumping into piles or snow because they’re low cut and that’s not what they’re made for. Stick to Superstars for when you don’t have to do any trekking.

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  • Nike Roshe Sneakerboot

    As I mentioned before, I really took a liking to the Roshe Sneakerboot. It’s like a sneaker version of Uggs because it has the cozy fleece lining but the nylon upper makes it water repellent and won’t leave you with those hideous salt stains. The high cut will protect your ankles because as my experience living in Canada has taught me, this is not the time or place for cuffed pants with exposed ankles. Last but not least, the Roshe sole keeps things light and it’s not as bulky as most winter boots. It also kind of looks like a Jordan XI (is it just me?), which is in my top five favorite sneakers.

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  • Air Jordan 1 atothebed


    Air Jordan 1

    Tread lightly with Jordan 1s. They’re not as easily replaceable but if you don’t really care, then it’s up to you. They also look quite cool with a little bit of wear. I prefer the look of Jordan Is with shorts so I see fall as prime season to take these out. In fact, fall is typically the time of year my Jordans get the most playing time because they’re leather and wear better with fall style. These won’t keep your toes warm but they’ll keep you looking fresh.

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  • Nike Flash Pack born_for_sport


    Nike Flash Pack

    If you’re a winter runner, like me, I highly recommend the Nike Flash Pack. Equipped with water resistant properties to fight the winter elements, it will keep you dry for the most part. Nike also incorporates 3M into the designs (usually the selling point of the pack) for ultra visibility as the nights now come sooner and 6 p.m. now looks like 10 p.m. If you plan to run throughout the winter, it’s important to practice safety and make sure you are visible in the dark.

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  • @featherandskull

    Sorel Caribou

    Living in Canada, the snow is inevitable and after a certain point you just have to go all the way and wear something to protect yourself. My favorite is the Sorel Caribou boot–water repellent, functional, and still decently stylish.

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  • Timberland boots atothebed
  • Nike Air Huarache Sneakerboot
  • adidas Superstar atothebed
  • Air Jordan 1 atothebed
  • Nike Flash Pack born_for_sport

Some people look to fall as a season of fashion inspiration, a time to be creative. For others, it brings a time of stress and struggle because the unpredictable weather is difficult to dress for without proper planning. And, for those who live in colder climates, winter can be especially difficult and uninspiring. In the north, the bears are preparing for hiberation and the birds are flying south–rightfully so because if you can escape, why not?

Most people factor in weather when they wake up in the morning and decide what to wear to tackle the day. For some, comfort and function hold more weight than style and vice versa, but at the end of the day, at the root of it all, most people are just trying to find a balance between liking what they see and how they feel in it. Some people are willing to sacrifice certain things for others, but there is always a happy medium that is unique to each person.

It’s not just a sneaker thing. Nobody wants to be cold/wet/hot/uncomfortable. At least I don’t think so. When the chances of precipitation are high or up in the air, so are the frustration levels.

Some people already have their go-to kicks, but for the ladies who don’t and don’t know where to start, here are some tips for choosing winter footwear.

The general idea is to stick to thicker, more durable materials such as leather and rubber, and avoid lighter, breezier fabrics like mesh that can absorb water and let cold seep in. Fall is a good time to showcase your collection, but when the snow starts to fall, maybe put your heat away for a bit and focus on staying warm.

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image via Nathalia Allen/Nike Canada/@amillionminds