5 Ways The Nike KD7 Can Be Kevin Durant’s Best Sneaker Yet

  • Nike KD7
    5. Versatility

    Here’s the thing about low-cut basketball sneakers: they’re notoriously hard to rock outside of the gymnasium. Sure, in the summer it won’t matter. We’re all wearing shorts anyway. But lows and jeans in those cold winter months just don’t mesh. It’s not an opinion; it’s science.

    After moving away from a low cut with the V, Durant came back to it last year, and the original colorway reminded people not only of Kobe‘s line, which has often completely embraced performance over everything else, but it also looked somewhat like a soccer shoe. It performed wonderfully, but maxed out short of a classic when it came to off-court versatility.

    With the reception the KD7 is garnering, I don’t think that’ll be the case this year. Not only does the strap give it a bulkier look, but I’ve already seen multiple people rocking the “Independence Day” colorway. Everyone seems to love it.

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    4. All-Star Game Editions

    I’ve never been a big fan of Kevin Durant’s NBA All-Star colorways. Last season’s version — which you can see above — was a step in the right direction, sporting hand-drawn graffiti along the upper and a glow-in-the-dark outsole to capture the theme and vibe of New Orleans. But before that? The majority of his midseason classic colorways always seemed to be lacking something. (The one exception being the “Year of the Dragon” IVs.)

    With New York City hosting next year’s All-Star Game, I literally can’t wait to see what Nike and Durant have on tap. What will be the inspiration? What colors will they borrow? What will they do with that strap? Durant is now firmly entrenched as the second-best player in the NBA, and if we’re judging him by his improvement over the last few years, it’s not out of the question that by February, the KD = LB argument will have legs. One-upping what LeBron is wearing in New York would be a cool cherry on top.


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  • Nike KD7
    3. Story Colorways

    Where the KD VI really shined was in its storytelling. Throughout the year, we got colorways reflecting everything in Kevin’s life, from his Maryland/Blue Crab roots to the rec center he used to call home to even his favorite old school meal, PB&J sandwiches.

    The KD7 can go one step further to advance the story. Whereas LeBron has consistent themes that have played out in his shoe line over the course of a decade, Durant’s base has changed from time to time. Find a common theme to unite all this storytelling and you’ll have a classic sneaker.

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  • Nike KD7
    2. The Strap

    One of the reasons why fans still consider the KD IV to be his best overall sneaker — it was certainly the most stylish — is because it featured an awesome mid strap. Perfectly executed, the strap allowed for some upper creativity that was otherwise lacking in his future sneakers. The “Scoring Title” colorway is a perfect example, and still looks amazing to this day.

    The 7’s version is even more pronounced, sticking out so that the sneaker almost looks like a box. If they connect with hot colors and designs in future releases, that outsized strap is going to pay off big time.

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  • Kevin Durant
    1. Win A Title

    This one is obvious, right?

    Durant’s now hit that point in his career where it’s championship or bust, and if he doesn’t win it next year, the critics will be louder than ever. The good thing is there’s a flip side to that. Win it all and suddenly he’s an icon. The popularity of his sneakers will follow.

    Think about MJ in the Jordan VI or LeBron in the LeBron 9 Elite. Jordan’s Infrared VIs became automatic classics after he beat Magic and the Lakers in ’91. They’re still regarded as one of his best shoes even to this day, just as James hasn’t had a shoe that topped the 9 and his first title yet.

    Everything is lined up for Durant to have a big year, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the KD7 is his best shoe yet. Now all that’s left for him to do is create a legacy.

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  • Nike KD7
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  • Nike KD7
  • Nike KD7
  • Kevin Durant

This weekend, the lead colorway for Kevin Durant‘s latest signature sneaker will be dropping at stores across the country. The “35,000 Degrees” edition is another in a long line of weather-inspired sneakers from KD, because before he was the best scorer in the world, Durant dreamed of being a weatherman.

For Durant’s shoe, it’s all about telling a story and keeping it personal, and that aspect has helped push his line to become the No. 2 selling signature sneaker in the league. This past year, sales for KD’s sneaker jumped 40 percent all the way to $175 million. Some of that has to do with his game on the court. But I’d be willing to guess more of it comes from the product itself.

Now that the KD7 is officially here, how will this one top all of its predecessors? We’re taking a look.

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