5 Ways the Air Jordan XX9 is the Greatest Basketball Sneaker You’ll Ever Wear

  • Air Jordan XX9
    Woven upper

    Tailored for flight. That was the tagline for the launch of this year’s Air Jordan XX9. It makes total sense, too. They have introduced the first-ever woven performance upper, and now the shoe literally feels like an extension of your foot. Brands have always said that as a way to promote their shoes in the past, but now it’s a reality.

    All four important pillars — structure, support, interior comfort, and exterior abrasion resistance — come together in a single layer that was inspired by Italian structures.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    Evolving Flight Plate

    Flight Plate was the technology that changed the game with the Air Jordan XX8. It was unbelievable, literally making the player feel like they were floating above the floor. To improve on the tech this year, JB introduced a tendril that links both the forefoot and heel. It’s a small bridge of outsole that’ll help the two surfaces coordinate better together.

    There is also a larger sweet spot on the Flight Plate, courtesy of a Pebax moderater plate. Technical terms aside, just know this: You’re going to jump through the roof.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    Release date

    You’re probably sitting there saying, “Huh? Release date?” Yep, it’s making a big difference this year. Over the last few years, Jordan has consistently revealed their latest sig sneakers during NBA All-Star Weekend. But this year they brought it back to the basics and launched the shoe at the start of the school year. That’s huge! Now you’ll have all fall to break it in, and all season to wear it.

    The Air Jordan XX9 will be the best Jordan you’ve ever played in…in part because you WILL be playing in it.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    Carbon fiber mid-foot shank

    While it wasn’t exactly needed — I had no problems whatsoever playing in the XX8 as it is still one of my favorite on-court sneakers ever — the transitioning in this year’s edition has been improved with one small edition. Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield added what he’s calling a small tendril to connect the two plates of the carbon fiber mid-foot shank. Last year there was no connection. This year, that’ll change.

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  • Flight Web

    The Flight Web is pretty easy to understand — just take it at face value. Think of a spider’s web. The shoe’s eyelets provide a lockdown feel by weaving themselves right through the woven in the upper, rather than around it the way most sneakers do. See, these are the small things that help set this shoe apart from the competition.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
  • Air Jordan XX9
  • Air Jordan XX9
  • Air Jordan XX9

Each year, the reveal and launch of the newest Air Jordan is a big moment in the sneaker culture. In 2014, when you’re competing against other brands and lines from the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Derrick Rose, you have to go over the top to wow the audience. It’s not enough to remain with the status quo. You have to push, push, push until you have something revolutionary. The Jordan Brand has done that over the past two years, nearly shutting the game down with the incredible Air Jordan XX8 that toed the line between fashion and on-court play, and then one-upping themselves this year with an oversized Jumpman logo and new sneaker performance tech on the Air Jordan XX9.

Russell Westbrook must be proud.

One of the brand’s leading players certainly has no problems stunting in the XX9. He wore them during the playoffs last year because the shoe doesn’t just work off the floor. It sports an evolving Flight Plate, a new edition to the mid-foot shank to help transition, and most importantly, the first-ever woven performance upper. This basketball season, it won’t be enough to look good off the floor or wear any old pair on it. If you’re not wearing the XX9, you’re getting left behind.

Now that the Nike LeBron 12 that was scheduled to release in the States is being pushed back because of a cosmetic issue, the Riverwalk edition of the Air Jordan XX9 is taking center stage this weekend. Luckily for you, Champs Sports will have you covered. In the meantime, check out 5 Ways the Air Jordan XX9 is the Greatest Basketball Sneaker You’ll Ever Wear.

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