5 Sneakers You Need Right Now From the Nike Yardline at Champs Sports

  • Nike Free Trainer 5.0
    Nike Free Trainer 5.0

    Right Now: $99.99 at Champs Sports

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  • Nike Field Generals Trainer

    Right Now: $129.99 at Champs Sports

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  • Nike CJ Trainer 2
    Nike Zoom CJ Trainer 2

    Right Now: $99.99 at Champs Sports

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  • Nike Air Max Bo Jax
    Nike Air Max Bo Jax

    Right Now: $169.99 at Champs Sports

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  • Nike Lunar TR 1
    Nike Lunar TR 1

    Right Now: $109.99 at Champs Sports

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  • Nike Free Trainer 5.0
  • Nike CJ Trainer 2
  • Nike Air Max Bo Jax
  • Nike Lunar TR 1

Can you smell it? That grass. Those burgers and hot dogs. That crispy fall weather. That fandom.

Yeah, even fandom smells — new clothes, new jerseys, new snapbacks, and most importantly, new sneakers. The NFL season is back and it’s time for Sundays to go from Drano to Doritos. If you’re like us, you’re either parking yourself on your couch from 1 p.m. until at least 7, or you’re going somewhere else to watch the games, stuffing your face with food and soda and high-fiving anyone you can find.

The start of football brings with it so many emotions. For me, this year will be a little different. My father was a college football head coach since long before I was born, at least until he retired this past spring. I won’t be going to as many games, but that won’t keep me from looking the part. That’s where the Nike Yardline at Champs Sports comes in.

Whether you’re doing the hitting or watching from the stands, this collection features everything you need this football season, from sneakers to gear to even equipment. As Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” Truer words have never been spoken.

The sneakers are the real standouts, however. From the Nike Field Generals Trainer to the Nike Air Zoom Turf — the shoe Barry Sanders used to embarrass people with — lace yourself with some heat this year.

You can check out the full Nike Yardline collection at Champs Sports, or you can chill here. We’re breaking down 5 Sneakers You Need From the Nike Yardline at Champs Sports.

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