5 Reasons You Need the adidas Flux In Your Rotation

  • adidas Flux

    Let’s see. This is a shoe that can work in any environment, is casual enough to wear out with your friends, can be dressed up enough to wear to dinner, and can even work for you at the gym. Then add in the fact that Champs Sports currently has 22 different colorways on sale and you can see why the Flux is quickly becoming adidas’ biggest selling product.

    Cop yourself a pair and I guarantee you’ll be trying to rock these joints day in and day out.

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  • adidas Flux
    Don't be a hypebeast

    It didn’t take long for the Nike Roshe Run to go mainstream. Almost immediately after the lifestyle sneaker dropped two years ago, it’s clean, sleek, simplistic approach found a home in sneaker culture. It became the go-to summer shoe for anyone who didn’t want to wear Jordans or Dunks all the time. It’s appeal was wide. It’s colorways were endless.

    Now it’s come full circle. Now everyone else is trying to rock the next hot thing. In steps the adidas Flux, adidas’ direct answer to the Roshe Run.

    Here’s the thing, though: the Flux is just as good, with just as many wild colors, sporting another stripped-down design and iconic heritage. Do yourself a favor this fall and get on board before everyone else does. That always feels good, doesn’t it? This shoe will have your feeling comfortable and stylish AND different. But don’t wait — that’ll be changing any day now.

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  • adidas mi ZX Flux photo app
    adidas mi ZX Flux photo app

    Because this is one of the coolest sneaker add-ons we’ve seen in 2014.

    A sneaker for the digital age, the adidas mi ZX Flux photo app — available now — allows sneakerheads to apply photogenic images to the Flux silhouette. It’s a dope little edition that will have you running through that iPhone battery every few hours.

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  • adidas Flux

    I’ve literally never met anyone who doesn’t wax poetic about the comfort of these shoes. It’s probably the Flux’s top selling point, outside of the colorways.

    By now you know the Flux is the descendant of the iconic ZX8000, which pushed the boundaries of comfort with the introduction of SoftCell technology in the heel. It also featured a new Torsion system with a split sole, which created independent movement in the forefoot and heel. Along with the heel cage, all of that tech made its way into the Flux. No one’s complaining.

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  • Kim Kardashian, Kanye West
    Celebrities love it

    As I’ve said before, there’s only one question to ask yourself when contemplating a purchase: Would Kanye West rock it? If the answer is yes, you know you have a potential winner. Now yeah, sometimes Kanye goes a little overboard on everything else, but his sneaker game has always been on point.

    ‘Ye is certainly down with the Flux, recently spotted in Paris rocking the all-black joints from the “Black Elements” pack from earlier this year. Get caught up and put some pairs into your rotation ASAP.

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    image courtesy of Marc Piasecki/Getty Images and Sole Collector

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  • adidas Flux "Multi-Colored Prism"
  • adidas Flux
  • adidas mi ZX Flux photo app
  • adidas Flux
  • Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

It’s not often that a shoe comes along that has it all. History. Heritage. Branding. Comfort. Versatility. The love of the streets. The co-sign of entertainers. Timing. Colorways that can pop and sink into the background if needed. That’s a lot to ask, and sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault if a sneaker doesn’t connect. Sometimes it just depends on the timing. But as we enter the final quarter of 2014, coming on the heels of the Nike Roshe Run‘s success, we have a potential knockout making real headway in the sneaker industry.

It’s the adidas Flux, a shoe that’s 25 years in the making, with a history leaning on the iconic ZX Family and the pioneering ZX8000. The shoe has performance and comfort, versatility, colorways that are attractive to everyone from your 50-year-old boss to your kid sister, and still features the 3-stripes branding in a way that’s both in your face and subtle. Not only is the newest colorway at Champs Sports — the “Monochrome Diamond,” dropping this Wednesday — one of the highlights of September, the shoe has steadily gained steam throughout the year. It’s proven to be more than just a one-hit wonder.

With fall here, I’m surely not the only one going through my closet to figure out what sneakers I want to wear this season. Normally, runners and low-top shoes start picking up dust in my room once the weather turns. However, the Flux is different, unique. It’s going nowhere.

The adidas Flux is here to stay. Here are 5 Reasons You Need the adidas Flux In Your Rotation.

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