5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the Nike LeBron 12

  • Nike LeBron 12
    Cleveland colorways

    Everyone knows that the best thing about LeBron’s signature line is the various different color treatments that Nike gives it. Now that the king has returned to his throne in Cleveland, you can expect nothing less than the royalty treatment when it comes to LeBron 12 colorways.

    The Swoosh has already announced seven initial color offerings for the shoe (with countless more on deck), each inspired by different elements of LeBron’s personal and professional life. But the silhouette we’re most excited to get our hands (err, feet) on is a Cavaliered-out version that will undoubtedly put the official stamp on LeBron’s second stint in C-Town.

    The “Heart Of The Lion” colorway that’s due to drop tomorrow is supposedly a nod to LeBron’s return to Cleveland, although the color scheme is pretty standard. We’re looking for something a bit more abstract and visually appealing. No word on when we’ll see such a shoe, or what the design will entail (maybe an image of LeBron’s signature powder toss?), but believe that we’ll keep our collective eyes peeled for it.

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  • LeBron James
    To see if Nike has ironed out the kinks in the King’s armor

    If you recall back to this time last year, Nike rolled out the LeBron 11 with heavy anticipation, only to watch the shoe take a backseat on the court to the previous year’s model (as well as the Nike Zoom Soldier 7) due to fit issues that LeBron himself experienced at the start of the NBA season. The problem wasn’t that the shoe didn’t fit, or that it wasn’t true to size, but rather that there wasn’t enough space in the toe box to properly cater to LeBron’s feet.

    Since it was only a problem with King James’ specialized sneakers, and not the consumer version that we all spent our rent checks on, the sales numbers remained strong. In fact, they were even better than previous years. Still, the fit issue that kept LeBron from wearing the 11s from all but two games in the first half of the season will undoubtedly linger heading into the LeBron 12 era. Fortunately, though, Nike doesn’t make the same mistake twice (or at least we hope not). So expect nothing but the best in both fit and performance from the 12.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
    The LeBron 12 will be a family affair

    Following the unveil of the LeBron 12, there were questions as to whether or not the latest iteration of the king’s line would be available in a full size run. Well it looks like we finally have an answer to that question. According to a recent statement released by Nike, word is that in addition to the standard adult sizes, the 12 will be available in grade school, pre-school, toddler, and even infant sizes. What does this mean for you? Well it means that you’re not the only one who’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be in LeBron’s shoes — the whole fam can get in on the action.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
    Because we all want to be as explosive on the court as LeBron

    One of the biggest upgrades to the latest LeBron shoe comes in the form of a redesigned outsole. While the outsole on the LeBron 11 was fairly standard both in terms of design and concept, Nike has slapped a brand new translucent sole on the LeBron 12 that is easy on the eyes and, apparently, on the feet as well. It features five visible, hexagonal-shaped Nike Zoom Air bags that work together to enhance a player’s natural motion, resulting in a boost in accelerated explosiveness.

    The idea behind the unique hexagonal design of the Air units is that it is more precisely mapped to the pressure points of the foot where it’s needed the most. Now, we’re not saying that you’ll start flying across the key and posterizing opponents the same way that LeBron does, but the 12s should help you improve your game, even if it’s by a small margin.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
    Because it means that basketball season is back

    Nike begins to drop all of its new-and-improved basketball sneakers towards the start of the NBA season. This year, things are no different. Beyond the performance and aesthetic appeal of the shoe, the release of the LeBron 12 means that the NBA season is upon us. Our favorite pro ballers are back on the hardwood, once more looking to cement their places in NBA history as they attempt to win a championship — some for the first time, others as repeats. We’re getting excited for the action just by talking about it.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
  • LeBron James
  • Nike LeBron 12
  • Nike LeBron 12
  • Nike LeBron 12

LeBron James’ on-court game is constantly evolving. To keep up, each year Nike unveils a brand new addition to his signature sneaker line in hopes that the brand’s various state-of-the-art performance technologies can arm the king proper and prepare him for battle against the best. This year, that shoe is the Nike LeBron 12.

Now in its 12th iteration, the Nike LeBron series has come a long way since it was first introduced to the basketball world back in 2003. Today, over a decade later, the LeBron line has become the premier name in the basketball footwear market–a name that is second only to Michael Jordan’s legendary Jumpman sub-brand. The long-running success is an equal nod to Nike’s desire for constant innovation and to be at the forefront of the footwear world, as well as LeBron’s incredible marketability and his desire to be the best basketball player in the world. It’s truly a perfect match.

When Nike dropped last year’s model, the LeBron 11, it was a big hit thanks purely to aesthetics. In terms of its performance on the court, the shoe left much to be desired–something that will ultimately mar its legacy. So you can see why we, along with much of the sneaker community, have been so eager all summer for the arrival of the 12. Fortunately with Nike announcing an Oct. 30 global release date for the first colorway — after a delay — it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer. Here are 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the Nike LeBron 12.

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