5 Reasons Why Sneakerheads Love the Holidays

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    School breaks

    I can’t tell you how annoyed I used to get by never being able to bring all my sneakers to college. In those tiny dorm rooms? There was never enough space. I’d often bring most of my low-tops with me when I first returned from summer break, and then once I went home for the holidays, I’d rotate in a bunch of favorites to wear with my jeans and sweatpants.

    Honestly, there’s nothing like going through storage at your parents’ crib. Nothing like it. You get super excited opening up a box and not knowing what it is and inevitably, you’ll find shoes you forgot you had. After that, there’s only one thing to do: rock them all day.

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  • Air Jordan XI
    Classic retros

    During each of the past few holiday seasons, Jordan Brand has shut the mall down with awesome classic OG retros. Do you remember the Concord XI in 2011? Or both the bred IV and the XI releases from 2012? Because of the time of the year, it might always be difficult to get your hands on these, but no sneakerhead is going to complain when some of the most beautiful and influential old school colorways get released. We wait years for these moments.

    This year, it’ll be the “Infrared” Air Jordan VI and the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan XI. I can’t wait. I’m sure you can’t either.

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  • Holiday parties

    There’s nothing better than getting dressed up to hit holiday get-togethers with friends and family. Obviously the goal is to be fresh, the freshest in the room, so it’s often about wearing stuff that’s going to make you feel stylish and confident.

    During the summer the weather is great, so everyone and their lil’ bro will be wearing hot kicks. But in the winter, you have a shot to be one of the few people stunting. That makes a big difference and can leave a lasting impression. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
    Signature shoe releases

    Between LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Derrick Rose, we’re spoiled. Never before has there been so many incredible signature sneaker lines, a product not only of the current culture but also of the personalities and talents of so many incredible basketball players. Each line is different and unique. Each one caters to a separate audience. And each one offers things the others don’t.

    Because the season always starts just before the holidays get underway, this is about the time when we first start getting our hands on the latest launches. Our wallets take a hit, certainly, but these sneakers offer great versatility and the chance to wear them both on and off the court.

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  • Kicks on court and Christmas colorways

    Waiting to check out the year’s special Christmas sneaker colorways is like waiting on the next season of True Detective. We’re salivating at the mouth, in part because every year these dudes get laced with the craziest shoes. In 2013, we saw everything from Jason Terry going all out zebra-style with the retro Kamikaze II to Stephen Curry‘s alligator Under Armour Anatomix Spawns. We also saw more and more players opting for wild sock designs, and Tony Parker of all people probably took the cake in that regard, sporting grey and black tube socks — Spurs colors — with all-red sneakers and mint laces. Wild.

    It’s not just the sneakers, either. Last year, adidas released the “BIG” collection of alternative jerseys for the Christmas games. As sleeved jerseys, they didn’t immediately catch on with the culture. But the more the NBA starts to use them, the more you’ll see sneakerheads copping.

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Holiday sneakers make everything else feel so much better. The food starts tasting great. The presents make you feel like you’re back in fourth grade again. You sleep better. You look better. Even your family stops yelling at you.

Life as a sneakerhead is never better than it is during the holidays. Yes, because it is the holidays and because every mother is out shopping for her kids, shoes inevitably sell out faster and you have to deal with crazy lines and crazy people screaming and fighting and stomping each other out for shoes. But that’s a small price to pay when you think of all the positives, between the old school retro releases that come along once every few years — or like this year, where the “Columbia”/”Legend Blue” Air Jordan XI is returning for the first time since 2001 — and the many opportunities to go diggin’ in storage.

This year’s holiday season will be no different. You must already know about the aforementioned XI, as well as the “Infrared” Air Jordan VI that’s dropping on Black Friday. (That’s going to be WILD.) But what about all of the rest? We have signature sneakers making their debut. We have new Christmas special edition colors. With the start of the NBA season here, the culture is thriving, and with so many releases, everyone gets to eat.

Today, in anticipation of all the holiday sneakers that are just around the corner, we’re breaking down 5 Reasons Why Sneakerheads Love the Holidays.

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