5 Reasons Why You Keep Underrating Derrick Rose’s Sneakers

  • Star power

    Let’s not forget that this is a signature line that we’re talking about here, so when the athlete whom the said shoe is associated with is out of commission, the numbers are bound to take a hit. Amazingly, the line’s sales were still able to stay in the game’s top five, with a big thanks to Damian Lillard for being such an incredible caretaker.

    With Rose going down with a serious knee injury and missing the entire 2012-13 NBA season and some change, he hasn’t been there to make his usual highlight plays in his namesake shoe. Not to be overlooked, that’s something that is very important in terms of overall exposure and selling basketball shoes. Think about it: The man adidas paid $250 million was away from the court for a prolonged period of time. In that time, the brand had to make moves, which leads us into the next point…

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  • John Wall
    Brand competition

    In the obvious absence of the face of its basketball division, adidas had no choice but to go out and attempt to fill the void left behind—something, as it turns out, the brand did exceptionally well. The Three Stripes went out and got John Wall and Damian Lillard, two All-Star-caliber players with incredible flash and leaping abilities, making them highly marketable. While adidas continued to push the Rose line (they’d be crazy not to), Wall and Lillard had no problem stepping into ad campaigns. Also, adidas simultaneously rolled out the Crazquick shoe, which put up solid retail numbers, and also had Lillard help carry the D Rose signature on the court for the last few years.

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  • adidas D Rose 5
    Sneaker tech

    Though the design of the D Rose has slightly changed from year to year, the shoe’s tech–think Sprintweb upper and Sprintframe chassis–has remained fairly constant. While those are two of the more innovative pieces of tech in the performance footwear world, this time around, the shoe line has received an extra boost (pun intended) in performance. For the first time in the series’ existence, adidas has introduced its Boost technology (a carryover element from the brand’s running line) to the hardwood via the D Rose 5. That means that Kanye won’t have to settle for Boost running shoes next time he hits the court. And, perhaps more importantly, it means that the new Boost-laden D Rose 5 could potentially help remove the shoe line from the ranks of the underrated. The technology is that good and it’ll surely make this sneaker one of the best performing shoes of the season.

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  • adidas D Rose 3
    Signature storyline

    So adidas has done a noteworthy job of giving the D-Rose line the royalty treatment in terms of flashy colorways. With each passing model, there haven’t been any shortages of aesthetically pleasing releases. Remember the Rose 3 “Nightmare?” The Rose 4 “Chicago Nightfall?” All heat.

    Probably the most famous of all the colorways is the “Brenda,” a red-based shoe that pays tribute to Rose’s mother. It features something that’s super prevalent in Rose’s line: his family. While LeBron has his “soldier” storyline and KD his “weatherman,” Rose has his family. If adidas can continue to release amazing stuff in that light, it’ll take this line to the next level.

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  • adidas D Rose 5
    It's still a baby

    Perhaps the biggest reason why the D Rose series has been underrated thus far is because the line was launched just a few years ago, and still has a long ways to go as far as leaving its permanent impact on signature sneaker history. Sure, there’s such a thing as an instant success, but it’s not something that really applies to the adidas D Rose. They have continued to slowly establish the signature line, but given the bumps in the road that we touched on before, it’s been a gradual process. When D-Rose gets back to his superstar ways, expect a massive revival of, not just his shoe, but his sub-brand as a whole. The good news is that after years of making just minor tweaks, adidas is giving the D Rose 5 a significant lift, literally, with the addition of its popular Boost technology. If Derrick is able to get the bounce in his step back, his shoe line will likely take off with him.

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  • John Wall
  • adidas D Rose 5
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  • adidas D Rose 5

In the world of current signature basketball shoes–and from LeBron James to Carmelo Anthony to Chris Paul to even Jamal Crawford, there are a lot of them–Derrick Rose’s namesake shoe line with adidas is arguably the most underrated. It’s not due to a lack of form and function, because anyone who has played in the shoe (myself included) will tell you that it’s a solid shoe both on and off the court. Rather, there are other factors that have prevented the D Rose series from making the same widespread impact as other signature hoops shoes like the Nike LeBron or Nike KD.

We all know about the injuries. With Rose not on the court, his shoe sales stayed stagnant throughout the past year while others like Kevin Durant‘s exploded. Rose has the fourth-highest selling sneaker at $40 million last year and while that’s great, he should be higher. Between the Chicago heritage, those famous colors, the amazing tech, and the extensive story told through the shoes, it feels like everyone is overlooking one of the best lines out there. Add in the commercials–and adidas has consistently marketed Rose in this fashion better than ANYONE–and you have the foundation for a major sneaker boon.

This Thursday at Champs Sports, the first all-black colorway of the adidas D Rose 5 will be dropping, the latest shoe in a line that has been a major success oversees in China. Yet for some reason, it has gone somewhat under the radar here in the states. Why, you ask? We have the answers. Check out 5 Reasons Why You Keep Underrating Derrick Rose’s Sneakers.

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