5 Reasons to Cop the Air Jordan Retro 5 “Pro Stars”

  • Because it's been rumored to be inspired by "ProStars"

    For anyone who came up in the 1990s like I did, there’s absolutely no way you don’t remember this cartoon. Airing on Saturday mornings, this one featured MJ, yes, but also Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretzky as they fought crime and protected the environment. It only aired for a few months in 1991 but it is definitely a strong part of Jordan’s legacy.

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  • Air Jordan Retro 5

    Jordan Brand

    Because it's a never-before-seen colorway

    The first time I saw this colorway–the white upper, the speckled Poison Green, the Infrared teeth–I wasn’t that impressed. It’s about as far away from a traditional Air Jordan colorway as you can get. But dang, every time I see it the joint starts to grow on me. It’s white enough to be a go-to sneaker for the summer and yet still has enough attitude that you can wear it out and cats will be feeling your style. The Infrared/Poison Green mix was an interesting twist that I think actually works the more you see it.

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  • Air Jordan Retro 5

    Jordan Brand

    Because it features unique design aspects

    The Air Jordan V was designed by Tinker Hatfield and featured a couple of tech advancements that made it completely different from anything ever seen before. Yes, the teeth are directly inspired by World War II P-40 Warhawk fighter jets, but it’s the tongue and the sole that stand out.

    Tinker used a translucent sole for the first time in the line and had a 3M reflective tongue. Those characteristics set it apart and still make it one of the most unique basketball shoes you’ll ever see.

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  • Air Jordan Retro 5

    Jordan Brand

    Because it's just in time for summer

    This year’s summer might be all about lifestyle sneakers like the Roshe Run, the Flux, and even the comeback of the Superstar, but there’s always room for a seasonal Air Jordan colorway. While I’ll always be partial to black sneakers, it’s easy to get away with rocking white Jordans during the summer months, especially when you have a pair like this that knows how to offset the white leather upper with a number of eye-catching colors–and that speckled midsole.

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  • Air Jordan 5

    Jordan Brand

    Because it's the Jordan V, of course

    As I’ve said before, the Jordan V is a classic sneaker that’s stood the test of time because nothing ever looks as good as this shoe does with jeans. That tongue is a legend on its own. Now, I’m not suspecting everyone will be flossing in jeans this summer but just having this shoe as part of your repertoire is important. You can’t call yourself a viable shoe head if you’re lacking some of the latest Jordan V releases.

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  • ProStars
  • Air Jordan Retro 5 "Space Jam"
  • Air Jordan Retro 5 "Space Jam"
  • Air Jordan Retro 5 "Space Jam"
  • Air Jordan 5 "Poison Green" Space Jam

The Air Jordan V will always be one of my favorite sneakers of all time. No, historically, it didn’t represent any great shift in Michael Jordan‘s career–the Bulls lost in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Detroit Piston Bad Boys, the third straight year they’d done that. But in terms of performance and style, it continued the legacy previously built by the Air Jordan III and IV, two perfect silhouettes that helped redefine the sneaker world in everything from style to marketing.

As part of this year’s “Remastered” series from the Jordan Brand, Michael Jordan and the team are releasing a number of new colorways that are dropping with updated materials. At the head of that list is the Air Jordan V, a perfect shoe for the summer when you’re spending a lot of your time out of school and chilling with friends.

Today at Champs Sports marks the release of the “Pro Stars” Air Jordan Retro V, a shoe that was rumored to be inspired by an old 1991 cartoon. Complete with a white leather upper, a speckled midsole of grey and poison green, and Infrared teeth, this sneaker is hitting just in time for the summer when many of us are looking for new white kicks to rock with our latest fits.

This might take us all back in time through its inspiration, but the sneaker is just getting started. Hit the streets this summer with one of the freshest retro releases of 2015.

Here are 5 Reasons to Cop the Air Jordan Retro 5 “Pro Stars.”

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