5 Predictions for the Future of Derrick Rose’s adidas Sneakers

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    Another lifestyle component

    D-Rose and adidas released the adidas “Lakeshore” lifestyle shoe last December, which was a clear indication that adidas was telling the world that the Boost technology works well off the court. The lifestyle sneaker is not something new. Guys like LeBron and KD have also used the method to make an impact off the court for people who want to wear something a little more casual. This may be the direction we are heading in the sneaker game, and the question of what if off-court models become the new signature has actually already been posed.

    While basketball kicks will always be the original signature sneaker, things have changed. Kanye West‘s signature sneakers — whether with Nike or adidas — is a prime example that lifestyle signature models can compete with basketball sneakers. I can see adidas using more of this philosophy behind Rose’s next signature series.


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    Remain affordable

    One knock against some signature sneaker models is that they sometimes cost a fortune for the average consumer. But adidas has done a great job of making their signature models affordable.

    Rose is one of the most humble basketball players in the league and talks so much about his upbringing in Chicago. He wants kids who are growing up in the same environment he came from to be able to afford and wear his sneakers.

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    Continuing the storyline

    There are a lot of sneakers who have distinct storylines behind them. But there are only a few that may actually have storylines showcased within them. Rose is constantly continuing the story of his hometown, whether it’s through significant colorways or encrypted messages. Of course, this isn’t so much of a prediction as a fact: We are going to see more “Brenda” colorways, a red-based shoe that is a tribute to Rose’s mother.

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    Innovative technology starts with Rose

    This year, adidas is pushing the envelope when it comes to new technology in basketball sneakers. Over the past months, the Boost tech morphed from just being a running shoe element to the D Rose 5. As Rose is the face of the brand, it makes sense that he is the muse and the first guy in the brand to try the Boost in his kicks. Expect the same when adidas comes up with something else innovative.

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  • More dope commercials

    It seems that we have lost the art of classic sneaker commercials. I remember when guys like Jordan and Penny were constantly on the airwaves. LeBron and KD have had some pretty dope commercials, as well. This is where Derrick Rose comes in.

    Rose is the perfect guy for building a commercial around because his storyline is something we all can relate to. While injuries are not good, it was an awesome sign when Rose and adidas released the “Basketball Is Everything” campaign that signified his return. He is a guy that can really be misunderstood because of his quiet demeanor. There is so much we don’t know.

    I am predicting more classic commercials from Rose in the near future.

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    Perceptions will change

    This is probably the most important prediction as adidas has caught some bad slack with the myth that their sneakers cause injuries. Totally not true. (Just look at Kevin Durant. Every brand is susceptible to this.) An injury can happen to anyone wearing whatever brand.

    As Rose works to get back to superstar form, all of the discussions about sneakers is going to change. When looking towards a performance sneaker, the D Rose 5 works really well on the court and I expect his future models to be just as good or even better. If these samples are what is to come from the D Rose signature line, we are in for a treat soon.

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Recently, adidas announced they will not make a bid to remain the NBA’s official uniform provider. Instead, the three-striped brand will turn its focus on it’s own players, a roster that is currently growing with stars like Dame Lillard and John Wall getting their own signature sneakers.

Partially through rising prospect Andrew Wiggins, who may as well get his own signature model at this point, the brand is making its best effort to keep up with the likes of Nike and fast up-and-comer Under Armour. Between Lillard, Wall, and Wiggins, adidas is set for the next 5-10 years with a stable of strong personalities and star players. Both Lillard and Wall are already All-Stars and Wiggins is quickly approaching that status despite being just 20 years old. (And he turned 20 literally just weeks ago.)

With that said, despite going through adversity the past few seasons — battling injuries and the critics and expectationsDerrick Rose remains the face of the brand. Rose was the player adidas tabbed to be the man after they gave him one of the most lucrative sneaker contracts in the business before spending much of the past few years promising a return to greatness. Coming off an MVP season in 2011, Rose’s marketability skyrocketed and his sneakers have constantly been underrated with each model sharing some great stories behind them. One thing is for sure. His story and his sneaker success is not over.

With the D Rose 5 Boost still available at Champs Sports, we’re providing you with 5 Predictions for the Future of Derrick Rose’s adidas Sneakers.

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