5 Pieces to Rock With the adidas ZX Flux “Fire and Ice” Pack

The adidas ZX Flux might just be the most versatile sneaker on the market. It sports a stripped-down upper with a sleek silhouette that shows off just the right amount of visible tech and branding. It’s a shoe for everybody and you can dress it up or down, depending on your tastes and the situation at hand. This is a direct descendant of the iconic ZX family and the pioneering ZX8000, a shoe that is 25 or so years in the making, a silhouette that is hitting at the perfect time for sneakerheads.

However, there are certain ways to wear it and certain pieces that make sense. Put yourself on game before hitting the streets.

Somewhat similar to the recent “Sunset” pack for the Flux, the “Fire and Ice” pack that’s releasing now at Champs Sports features a yin-yang look that can force you to spend a little more time figuring out which pieces from your fit go with which sneaker.

There are a lot of styles popping off in the culture right now, so make sure you’re up on game before copping. These are 5 Pieces to Rock With the adidas ZX Flux “Fire and Ice” Pack.

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adidas Originals “Fire and Ice” T-Shirts – $27.99 (seen above)
When you’re rocking something so flashy on your feet, you have one of two options in terms of the rest of your fit: go all-in or try to counter the heat of your kicks with something subtle. Both ways can work. But in this instance, considering the T-shirts here get along so well with the sneakers, I have to advise you to swing big.


adidas Team Tiro 15 Training Pants – $44.99
At this point in the game, every legit sneakerhead needs a pair of tailored, smooth-fitting adidas classics. With the weather being what it is, jeans are not always an option. If you want something as versatile as the Flux is on foot, cop these.

adidas Tiro Training Pants


adidas Originals Toner Bucket – $29.99
The game breathed new life into the bucket hat over the last year or so, reviving something that’s had a long and deep history within the sneaker culture. The summer is the perfect time to rock it too, as it’ll allow you to pull off the clean and casual look while also staying cool.

adidas Originals Toner Bucket


adidas Originals Sports Luxe Fleece Shorts – $59.99
I’ve always loved how the Flux looks with shorts. It’s rare, finding a pair of kicks that look just as good with a little skin showing as they do with pants. The Flux pulls it off. Considering it isn’t an athletic shoe–no matter how many people try to run in it–the Flux works best with something casual. Peep these.

adidas Originals Sport Luxe Fleece Shorts


adidas Originals Free Run No Show Socks – $11.99
Socks are a major part of any fit. If they aren’t up to par, the chances of your whole look being thrown off jump exponentially. With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with some no-show socks.

adidas Originals Free Run No Show Socks

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