5 NFL Players Who Deserve Their Own Signature Shoes

  • Adrian Peterson

    It’s actually a wonder that AP doesn’t have a full-on line from a major apparel manufacturer. Sure, he has some endorsements and is signed by Nike, but a guy who has amassed 10,000 yards in seven seasons, including a nearly 2,100-yard season just months after tearing his ACL should have his own gear surely.

    Peterson did get his own PE of the Nike Free Trainer 7.0, but that’s not enough.

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  • DeSean Jackson

    Coming off a career year for the Eagles, the newest Washington Redskin has the trash talk and the attitude to back up his game. It would make sense that an athlete with a mountain of personality could easily be marketed for brands that want to sell gear. We’ll see how well he does in Washington, perhaps the RG3 dynamic will take him to the next level.

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  • LeSean McCoy

    LeSean “Shady” McCoy has moves on moves on moves, word to John Madden. The Philadelphia Eagle led the league in rushing yards last year, and is now moving into his prime. He’s a known sneakerhead so the connection is definitely there and he does have a pretty sweet PE pair of Huarache Free Shields. Well, Nike, how ’bout a pair of Air Shadys?

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  • Richard Sherman

    Seattle Seahawks two-time All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman makes sure that any quarterback that throws his way instantly regrets his decision. Coming off a Super Bowl season where he challenged not only players on the field, but pundits on the television screen, Richard Sherman has the marketability, personality, and on-field results to yield his own shoe.

    Sherman was featured in a Nike campaign on the Nike Flyknit Lunar 2, but someone needs to take it one step further with Optimus Prime.

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  • Victor Cruz

    Victor Cruz is the face of the New York Giants. From a marketing standpoint, that should sell itself. He’s collaborated with brands like Nike before, and is known for giving parts of his massive collection of kicks away. It surely seems like a logical idea for a guy going into his fifth year; the next step for Victor would be a shoe deal.

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  • Adrian Peterson
  • LeSean McCoy
  • Richard Sherman
  • Victor Cruz

What makes you buy a signature shoe? What ties you to a particular athlete’s brand? What has you spending your hard earned money on their product? Is it the athlete themselves? Or is it the aesthetic of the shoe? Have you found yourself purchasing a sneaker for its looks rather than the athlete? Or perhaps it’s the other way around, in that you love the way a shoe looks, but can’t get down with a particular guy?

In football, particularly, an athlete’s play has a huge effect on how his brand is represented. For someone like Deion Sanders, it was always with a lot of flair. For Bo Jackson, it represented power. For Marshall Faulk, a relentlessness that comes with rushing and receiving 1,000 yards each in one season. Remember when Michael Vick even had his own amusement park ride?

One of the first sneakers I can truly remember badly wanting, and spending my own money to get, was the Nike Total Air Bus Max that was worn and endorsed by Hall Of Fame running back and former Pittsburgh Steeler Jerome Bettis. I was in ninth grade, and I had never spent over $100 for sneakers. Ever. But there was something about the lines of the shoe combined with the huge Tuned Air Bag in the heel. (The commercial was pretty cool, too.) At the time, I was probably 135 pounds soaking wet, so the Bus physique was never in play, and although those shoes are long gone — I actually gave them to my grandfather for garden work, and up until a year or so ago were still in his garage — I remember the feeling I had when I first wore them to school. They were big, clunky, and gaudy, but they broke necks. Mission accomplished.

Nike’s latest football collection features five of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The Field Generals Collection is not only apparel, but a lightweight turf training shoe that is designed with guys like Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers in mind. Robert Griffin III and adidas have a similar campaign, including a signature shoe. Cam Newton has a signature shoe from the Under Armour team. So, we ask, what players are deserving of their own signature shoe? See here.

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