5 Improvements That Make the Nike Air Max 2015 a Must-Cop

  • Nike Air Max 2015

    Given that Nike has integrated its Dynamic Flywire technology across most of its high-profile performance sneakers, it was a bit surprising to see the Air Max 2014 drop last year without it. This year though, things will be different, as the Air Max 2015 is, in fact, loaded with the visible Flywire. Where last year’s model relied solely on foam to provide support, the addition of Flywire will give the shoe a more custom, locked-down feel. For runners, that should equate to additional stability in the midfoot area, resulting in a more confident stride.

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  • Nike Air Max 2015

    Official specs on the Air Max 2015 have not yet been confirmed by Nike — though we do know it’ll sport full-length Max Air cushioning — but from the looks of it, the shoe will feature additional padding on the heel compared to previous models. Sure, it’s a subtle change that will likely get overlooked if you’re buying the shoe as a collector rather than as an athlete, but let’s not forget that the Air Max has been, and will always be, a running shoe first. And for runners, that extra cushioning on the heel counter could pay immediate dividends on the pavement.

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  • Nike Air Max 2015

    In the world of performance footwear, brands have long been on a mission to make their sneakers lighter and lighter with each passing iteration. And that certainly looks to be the case for the Air Max 2015. With all of the expected tweaks that Nike has made to this year’s version of the shoe, the AM ’15 is expected to tip the scale at about a half an ounce lighter than the ’14 model.

    Recently, Nike confirmed that the ’15 model with weigh in at 12.9 ounces for a men’s size 10 and 10.8 ounces for a women’s size 8.

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    In theory, it shouldn’t matter what your performance sneakers look like, so long as they feel good on your feet and give you the confidence to do your thing. However, in reality, you’re going to see a shoe with your eyes long before you ever get a chance to put it on your foot. Needless to say, these days, the aesthetics of a shoe are just as important as its performance, if not more. Fortunately, Nike drastically improved the form of the Air Max ’15, whereas last year’s model fell a little short in terms of the wow-factor. Much of this can be attributed to the factors listed above, namely the addition of Flywire, which has given the shoe some dimension.

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  • Nike Air Max 2015

    To expand on the previous point we made about the overall improved aesthetics of the shoe, we’re willing to bet that you’ll be less hesitant to lace these up with a pair of jeans, compared to last year’s model. Yes, this is a running shoe first and foremost–we know this. But it doesn’t change the fact that any shoe that looks good (especially one branded with a Swoosh) can and will automatically enter the sneakerhead domain. And with so many dope colorways that Nike has lined up for the Air Max 2015, the streetwear possibilities for this one seem endless.

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  • Nike Air Max 2015
  • Nike Air Max 2015
  • Nike Air Max 2015
  • Nike Air Max 2015

Back in 1987, Nike introduced a truly revolutionary shoe to the running world in the form of the Air Max 1. What made the shoe so special was the fact that it was the very first model to showcase a visible Air unit–something that we perhaps take for granted today given the prevalence of the cushioning technology across virtually every category of athletic footwear. But back then it was a legit game-changer.

Fast forward nearly three decades later and the Air Max series is still running strong, literally. Of course, over those 27 years or so, the series has taken many different shapes and forms, but all in all, it has remained one of the premier lines of footwear offered by the Swoosh. So why does all of this matter? Well because the newest addition to the Air Max family is arriving Friday at Champs Sports, and based off early indications, it could be the best version yet. While last year’s model, the Air Max 2014, was a fairly successful shoe, it didn’t quite have the same hype that surrounded previous Air Max releases. The shoe fell a little flat in the aesthetic department and was pretty basic in terms of performance. So the design minds over at Nike went back to the drawing board and gave the series a much-needed facelift. The result is a shoe that is equally easy on the eyes and the feet.

If you’re curious as to how this year’s model stacks up to last year’s, peep this list of the 5 Improvements That Make the Nike Air Max 2015 a Must-Cop.

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