5 Improvements That Make the Jordan Melo M11 a Must-Cop

  • Jordan Brand Christmas Collection


    The Christmas colorway

    We all know Christmas Day is a major date for basically everyone within the NBA circle. Anthony has consistently brought the heat as well, and last year’s edition was pretty wild. With a grey overlay and a green upper and speckled midsole, you could almost argue it went over the top. This year’s edition, seen in the middle here, is yet another win in the Melo line. Gold accenting on the heel and tongue take this one to another level.

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  • Jordan Melo M11
    More sophisticated look

    The first thing I noticed was the textured detailing on the shoe’s heel that’s meant to be a repetition of the letter “M.” It’s a modernized take and really pops on a few of the launch colorways. Anthony wanted a more sophisticated look and he got one, with a shoe that is constructed to showcase a clean color palette.

    Speaking of the colors, Anthony says that for the last few years his sneaker line has been so focused on catering to the average Knicks fans that it sometimes limited what colorways they could produce. That’s not the case with the M11. From a black/gold shoe to a launch colorway that incorporates a little grey, a little blue, and a little purple, this edition is definitely an upgrade to the line.

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  • Jordan Melo M11
    The fourth quarter

    Anthony has pushed the team to continuously make his sneaker lighter and lighter every single year without sacrificing the support that he needs as a bulldozing scoring forward who does a lot of his damage in the paint. The synthetic upper plays a part here, as does the webbed lacing system. There is also the perforated detailing on the upper that’ll be used to create more breathability.

    Anthony wants to be the best fourth-quarter player in the NBA. This is a nice first step.

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  • Jordan Melo M11
    The tongue

    There wasn’t anything wrong with the tongue on last year’s Melo model. It featured the plain Jumpman logo. But with Anything having been a part of this journey with the team for so long, he deserved something better, something different, something unique that he could make his own. That’s what’s happened with the M11. With his signature plastered vertically over the tongue this year, the visual is much more about the player rather than the brand. It’s necessary too, with the tongue playing a larger part visually on this year’s model.

    I also wanted to make this point: The “Concrete Jungle” colorway’s tongue is amazing, covered as it is in graffiti.

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  • Added inspiration

    Bugattis. Jaguars. Cigars. Wine. Luxury bags. Magazines. They all played a role in molding the M11. All of that inspiration came together for a sneaker that effectively toes the line in all aspects. It’s not strictly meant for the court and it’s not strictly meant for casual use, either. It can do both.

    During the launch, Anthony explained that the team went through a number of different silhouette options, first starting with a strap before ditching that for a super-high cut. Eventually they even tried a low — something both Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant use — and ‘Melo wasn’t down with that, either, saying, “I play too hard, too tough, and too well for a low-cut shoe.” Eventually, they combined everything. This shoe isn’t necessarily about the Knicks. It’s about New York as a whole, with some planned colorways dubbed “Concrete Island” and the “Red Hook Sunset.”


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  • Jordan Brand Christmas Collection
  • Jordan Melo M11
  • Jordan Melo M11
  • Jordan Melo M11
  • Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony isn’t having the greatest year in New York.

The team is struggling to adjust to new management (Phil Jackson), a new coach (Derek Fisher), and a new system (the Triangle). But when it comes to sneakers, Anthony is thriving. Jordan Brand recently honored him with his own exclusive colorway of the classic Air Jordan I. And then not long after, the two sides unveiled ‘Melo’s latest signature sneaker, the Jordan Melo M11.

Featuring the awesome FlightPlate technology, as well as Nike Zoom in the forefoot, the shoe is exactly the sort you’d expect from someone like Anthony who does the bulk of his work in close spaces. However, unlike previous models, this one is lighter, with a synthetic upper with perforated detailing that allows for more breathability.

Anthony and the Jordan Brand team aren’t ones to slack off, either. They’re already hard at work on the Melo M12, a shoe that’ll have to be incredible in order to top this latest offering.

Even as the Knicks struggle to find any consistent wins on the court this year, Anthony has turned in another great sneaker in a line that is suddenly 11 years old. No matter what he does from here, at least from that perspective, he’s already in some impressive company. With his latest signature shoe dropping on January 3 at Champs Sports, make sure you’re up on game before you go out and cop. Here are 5 Improvements That Make the Jordan Melo M11 a Must-Cop.

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