4 Things From Champs Sports That Go Perfectly With the Air Jordan 13

  • Jordan Retro 13 Pullover Hoodie

    Sneakerheads might love the winter but not all of us can survive without some serious layers. Look good and stay cool by rocking some ill hoodies to those parties. I’ll argue that the black colorway for this Jordan hoodie will bring out the red accenting in the sneaker the best. Not only that, but it’ll match.

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  • Jordan Retro 13 Pixel T-Shirt
    Jordan Retro 13 Pixel T-Shirt

    Get layered up this winter, and start it all with a dope Jumpman T-shirt. The Retro 13 Pixel T-shirt at Champs Sports is a great starting point, especially the one in the black colorway with the massive red Jumpman in the center of it. This’ll kill it with the black-based retro XIII this weekend.

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  • Jordan Retro 13 Cuffed Sweatpants
    Jordan Retro 13 Cuffed Sweatpants

    Nothing is more popping right now than some cuffed pants, and the Air Jordan 13 collection available at Champs Sports is second to none, featuring grey and black-colored pants. Rock a pair of these to put the emphasis toward what’s on your foot.

    The grey colorway will do more than look good with this weekend’s XIII. As a light color, with that logo along the hip, it’ll help the shoe standout.

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  • Jordan Retro 13 BC T-Shirt
    Jordan Retro 13 BC T-Shirt

    Remember how the XIII is inspired by the black cat, MJ’s nickname? Well make sure you cop the shirt to go with it, featuring a cat emblem right in the center of the shirt, just below the Roman numeral XIII. Having multiple T-shirts to combine with your kicks is always a good thing.

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  • Jordan Retro 13 Pixel T-Shirt
  • Jordan Retro 13 Cuffed Sweatpants
  • Jordan Retro 13 BC T-Shirt

Stylin’ on ’em isn’t just about what’s on your feet anymore.

Just getting the sneaker isn’t enough. If you want to be out styling on everyone, you can’t just cop the Air Jordan XIII. You need the rest of the outfit. Thankfully, for those of you who need a little help developing your swag, Champs Sports is here to help. With the black and gym red Air Jordan XIII dropping this weekend — and yes, you could probably consider this a “Bred” colorway — we’re giving you some advice on what to and what not to wear with this new sneaker release. Remember, any new Jordan release is like a holiday for the most stylish. You cop. Then you rock. Then you show out on Instagram for all of your followers. Then you watch the likes pile up.

The Air Jordan XIII will typically work with just about anything you have in your closet. That’s a good thing. Add in the fact that this particular release is a predominately black sneaker and you have a recipe for serious style. There’s nothing better than a black sneaker. I have friends who have entire collections of black sneakers. People love them.

With the holidays in full force, step up your game now and work on adding that perfect snapback or that perfect pair of Nike Tech Fleece to your collection. It’ll take you from zero to 100 real quick. Trust us. Here are 4 Things From Champs Sports That Go Perfectly With the Air Jordan 13.

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