Fashion Trends That Will Hit the Mainstream in 2015

  • Converse
    Side zippers

    John Elliott & Co. may have designed a look that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Of course it won’t be just the Cali-based brand that will produce this versatile detail in the coming months. More labels have caught on and have implemented the go-to detail into their collections. This means there will be more options that can fit everyone’s budget, ranging from the lux to the more affordable. This time it won’t be just limited to just hoodies, but expect to find side zippers on button-downs, jackets, and crewneck sweaters. And sneakers, too.

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  • ripped denim

    David Goehring/Flickr Creative Commons

    Ripped denim

    Jeans that look like they’ve been through a cheese grater will be flourishing more than ever in 2015. While dudes were cuffing pants to show off a little ankle just a few years ago, the new thing to show off will be the knee. Used and abused denim lets people know that you’re one interesting person with plenty of stories to tell. The more ripped and frayed, the better. Just make sure to moisturize because nobody wants to hear stories about your ashy knees.

    image via David Goehring/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Nike T-shirt
    Long-sleeve tees with graphics

    For a longtime the short-sleeve tee has become the canvas, and entry-level piece for many brands. However, the real estate to place more graphics has expanded with the use of long sleeved t-shirts to add in more of the message the brand is trying to convey. Graphics down the sleeves tied in with graphics on the front have been more commonplace than ever before. Look for plenty of brands to making bold sleeve designs when 2015 rolls around.

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  • Timberlands

    Avijeet Sachdev/Flickr Creative Commons

    Wheat-colored shoes

    With 6-inch wheat Timberlands back in fashion again, watch out for similarly colored shoes to flood the marketplace. Past favorites have already been retroed but look for new designs in the future. Denim and wheat-colored anything go together like Drake and sensitive lyrics. It’s so easy to pull off even your dad can stunt on the entire student body when he picks you up from school.

    image via Avijeet Sachdev/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • adidas Flux

    adidas Originals


    Nike has long held down the throne as the big dawg in the sneaker world. However that might change in the not-too-distant future. With adidas signing a roster of talent that includes both high-fashion designers and hip-hop royalty that can influence the footwear landscape, we’re bound to see a shift on what people wear on their feet.

    Kanye West has one of the most anticipated shoes coming out under the three-striped brand, but people are already whetting their appetites on the heaters that are being released. First there are the Raf Simmons and Rick Owens collaborations, then there’s the futuristic Y-3 Qasa model, and then the well-received Tubular sneaker. Look for adidas to be on everyone’s feet in 2015.

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  • Team USA


    Soccer jerseys

    Soccer jerseys have long taken a back seat to the more popular sports jerseys on this side of the pond. It might be because the sport’s status in the states is not on the levels of religion as in other countries. However the popularity of “futbol” grew to a fever pitch during this past summer’s World Cup games and some causal observers became die-hard fans. People are doing their homework and rooting for teams in either La Liga or Premier leagues.

    Soccer kits will be another great option once summer time comes around next year, and they’re a lot more versatile than, lets say, a hockey jersey in terms of style.

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  • Jay Z

    Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

    All-over print

    Street style has become a little black-and-white lately—literally— with everyone either embracing an all-black-everything or going the white route. Pretty soon people will start looking for a little punch of variety in their outfits. Fashion comes in cycles, so look for all-over print to make a comeback. Nothing says, “f*** uniformity” like a loud shirt with multiple patterns or illustrations that will offend parents.

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  • Kanye West

    Taylor Hill/Getty Images

    Long shirts

    Longer shirts or v. rare hemlines is another strong look that should move into the mainstream next year. Everyone is just getting over the skinny everything look that this new silhouette will give everyone some breathing room. But don’t mistake these for the tall tees from the early 2000s, the shirts will have a tailored look so you won’t look like you’re swimming in them. The hemlines will still extend past your pants pockets, though. Shoutout to Kanye.

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  • Jordan bomber jacket
    Bomber jackets

    You’re in luck if you don’t have this classic piece of outerwear in your closet already, but if you do, don’t throw it out. Bomber jackets are coming back in a big way and it’s your chance to get your hands on some upgraded pieces. They may not be warm enough to wear during a Polar Vortex but they are perfect when springtime rolls around. Keep what you have on ice and stunt with a piece nobody will have next season, or wait for new ones to drop in the future.

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  • Virgil Abloh

    Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

    Pins and patch details

    Do you want to look like you actually put some thought into what you’re wearing? Well, just pay attention to the smallest details. If you think your outfit is good but not good enough, toss on a couple pins and sew a couple patches. It’s like customizing with very little effort and time but you get a lot of compliments in return.

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  • Converse
  • ripped denim
  • Nike T-shirt
  • Timberlands
  • adidas Flux
  • Team USA
  • Jay Z
  • Kanye West
  • Jordan bomber jacket
  • Virgil Abloh

Are you always stuck on the struggle bus wearing trends that have already faded? Do your friends constantly ether your outfits? If you answered yes to both these questions, then it’s time to get familiar with styles upon styles that will help you out.

Forecasting what everyone will be wearing in the future is not an easy task. Did anyone see cuff pants coming along? Not really. What about the return of snapbacks? I guess some people kept the fad alive but fitteds took the game over for more than a decade. Or how about how quickly things turned from Dipset wearing jeans that could fit a whole family inside to Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton wearing capris? Fans and the public have always tried to resist the changes, but the passage of time and generations wait for no one. If it were easy to see these things coming, everyone and their moms would be wearing next-level gear right now. So to predict what’s to come, we’re going to rely on what has been bubbling up in little pockets around the globe that are ready to blow.

If you’ve been paying attention to fashion in the past couple months some these styles might be already familiar to you. However if you forgot, this list gives you a friendly reminder. Share this sartorial crystal ball with your crew. Leave no man behind looking swagless and help keep the whole squad on fleek. Get a head start with the Fashion Trends That Will Hit the Mainstream in 2015.


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