12 Things You Can Expect LeBron James to Do in the Nike LeBron 12

  • The chalk toss

    Rumor has it that James is bringing his patented pregame chalk toss back now that he’s returned home. While current Cleveland Browns players like Terrance West are already paying tribute, LeBron is tossing hints all over the ‘gram. Let’s hope he’s being serious. Now imagine a chalk-themed LeBron 12. OMG.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
    Play in the Nike LeBron 12

    Hah! You’re probably thinking this is a toss-away slide, right? Well last year LeBron struggled with the feel and fit of the 11, and even after Nike went back and readjusted the shoe, he couldn’t mess with it. Great shoe, but it just didn’t work for him, so Miami’s best player spent long portions of the season wearing the Nike Zoom Soldier 7.

    I sincerely doubt that happens this year, especially with all these colorways.

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  • Nike LeBron 12
    More than $300 million in sneaker sales

    That’s what he made in 2013, according to SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell. With the sneaker culture exploding — and there are no signs it’s stopping — look for him to sell even more this year. People are on the bandwagon. Firmly. Nike will capitalize with what’ll feel like 126 different colorways.

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  • Go beast mode on Lance Stephenson

    Here’s what LeBron did this summer: Drop weight and not eat anything but meat, fish, veggies, and fruit for 67 straight days.

    Here’s what Lance did this summer: Drop a music video.

    Funny contradictions aside, Lance is now a foundational piece on the up-and-coming Hornets — feels so weird to write that — and he has last season’s brouhaha with the King to give him confidence this year. But let’s not forget how LeBron has ended more than a few careers. You also probably didn’t notice but outside of a Game 5 riddled by foul trouble, James put up 25 points (on 61 percent shooting), 22 points (50 percent), 26 points (64 percent), 32 points (62 percent), and 25 points (67 percent) during last year’s Eastern Conference Finals against Stephenson and the Pacers.

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  • Nike LeBron 11
    Rock amazing Christmas/All-Star Game sneaker colorways

    For those big moments, Nike always hooks James up. Last year in New Orleans, ‘Bron held it down with these gator-inspired 11s that featured a purple Hyperfuse upper, laser-etched glow-in-the-dark Hyperposite, and graphic print on the inner lining. And despite all of that, it probably wasn’t even as good as the previous year’s edition for Houston, where Nike took the Area 72 inspiration and flipped it into one of the greatest James sneakers yet.

    For Christmas, we’ve seen LeBron in mint green tree kicks (the 11), as well as Cherry red editions (X). But no matter what, they always seem to stand head and shoulders above everything else on one of the NBA’s most important days.

    This year should be no different. With the way the LeBron 12 designers are approaching the colorways — telling more personal stories than ever before — I can’t even imagine what they’ll cook up for some of the NBA’s biggest games. Stay tuned, and mark your calendar.

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  • Dunk on some unsuspecting point guard

    Because he does this ALL. THE. TIME. Sorry, Damon. Sorry, Jason. Sorry, John. When are these guys going to just get out of the way?

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  • Kill it on Instagram

    I’m not sure there’s any athlete who’s a more entertaining follow on the ‘gram than the King. Take some notes from the man who takes us behind the scenes to see what he’s eating, where he’s going, who he’s hanging with, and what new kicks he’s rocking that we’ll never be able to get. Speaking of unattainable sneakers…

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  • Nike LeBron 11
    Go hard with the PE game

    No one in sports get laced with better player exclusives than LeBron James. He gets literally EVERYTHING. If you can think it, Nike has probably flossed James with it. Last year saw LeBron posting all types of crazy, one-of-one exclusives on the ‘gram, almost to the point where it was getting annoying like stop teasing us, dude! Stop it!

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  • LeBron James
    Set a record

    Last year, LeBron broke Michael Jordan’s record for most 25-5-5 playoff games. He set a personal record with a 61-point destruction of Charlotte. He had one of the most efficient seasons of any perimeter player ever, shooting around 60 percent from the floor during the season’s first half.

    Now with Love and Kyrie Irving around to take pressure off him, he’s going to break a few more records this year. I could see him averaging something like 24 points, with seven rebounds and eight assists, while shooting 58 percent from the floor. The only thing that might stop a record book challenge? If Cleveland starts blowing people out too quickly.

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  • Piss off Joakim Noah

    LeBron has been pissing Noah off for years, and it got to the point where Noah even said he refuses to go outside when he gets to Cleveland because it is too depressing. In one particularly memorable postgame press conference, Noah, obviously frustrated, said, “I’ve never heard anybody say ‘I’m going to Cleveland on vacation.'”

    Noah reiterated this summer that Chicago has a bullseye on LeBron’s back, and while they know he’s the biggest obstacle in the East, they are not going to back down. Noah embodies that attitude, and his competitiveness is what makes him such a great counterpart to LeBron’s greatness. He’s not afraid to go at the best player in the world.

    More than likely, these two will be trading elbows next spring in the Eastern Conference Finals. I can’t wait.

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  • LeBron James, Kevin Durant
    Get into a personal battle with Kevin Durant

    Last season was fun, watching Kevin Durant score 25 points or more in 41 straight games, all the while pissing LeBron off and getting the King to up his game. Up until that point, James had a stranglehold on the NBA’s highest individual honor — the MVP — but Durant served notice that it’s going to be a battle from here on out.

    They split two individual matchups, but it was the back-n-forth that went on nightly during SportsCenter and highlight shows that really stood out. Now that KD has shown he can match ‘Bron every night of the year, it’s only going to get better from here. We’re due another Finals matchup, too.

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  • LeBron James
    Win a championship

    During his last few trips to the Finals, Miami and LeBron have faced some awesome Western Conference powerhouses. Dirk and Dallas, knowing it was their last shot at a ring and playing desperately because of that. OKC and KD and Westbrook, while they still had James Harden. And then San Antonio two years in a row, the most underappreciated dynasty in NBA history. But he’s also been lucky because the Eastern Conference has been straight garbage.

    Now this year his main competition in the conference is a Chicago team banking on the health of Derrick Rose. Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that Rose does return to his 2011 MVP form. Have you forgotten what happened in the playoffs that year? LeBron dominated him, taking over virtually every fourth quarter during their five-game series. With the talent he has in Cleveland, they’d have to seriously flameout not to make it back to the Finals again.

    Once there, it’s a toss up, but I won’t bet against James. Sneaker collectors shouldn’t either. A championship would be a big bonus.

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  • LeBron James
  • Nike LeBron 12
  • Nike LeBron 12
  • LeBron James, Lance Stephenson
  • Nike LeBron 11 "All-Star Game"
  • LeBron James
  • Nike LeBron 11
  • LeBron James
  • LeBron James, Joakim Noah
  • LeBron James, Kevin Durant
  • LeBron James

LeBron James probably has a lot on his mind right now. He got smacked up in the NBA Finals. He lost the MVP award to Kevin Durant. He got called out by more than a few Miami fans. Then he came home. Then he promised to work for a championship. Then he got Kevin Love. And now he has his latest signature sneaker coming out.

The Nike LeBron 12 is shaping up to be a special shoe, between the incredibly creative colorways, the revolutionary hexagonal air bags on the outsole, and, of course, the historical aspects. This is the first year in a new life for the NBA’s king. In a way, at nearly 30, this is probably the first chapter of the final act of his career, a career that’ll go down as one of the best of all time, if not THE best. The first sneaker he’s going to wear will be the 12, automatically guaranteeing this is a shoe that’ll still be talked about years from now, and probably fetching hundreds and hundreds of dollars as retros.

Today the first scheduled colorway of the 12 will be releasing at Champs Sports. Inspired by the lion that inspired the King, the “Heart of a Lion” features a red-based upper with orange accenting, and while it’s doubtful ‘Bron wears them on the court in Cleveland, these are going to be all over the ‘gram.

I’m predicting a monster season from the King, which will only help the LeBron 12 become one of his most legendary sneakers yet. Here are 12 Things You Can Expect LeBron James to Do in the Nike LeBron 12.

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