10 Things You Didn’t Know About Derrick Rose’s Sneakers

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    1. The D Rose 5 Boost is the first signature sneaker with the Boost technology

    This year, adidas has put a lot of effort in promoting the Boost technology in their shoes. Boost is a cushioning technology designed to deliver maximum energy return, responsiveness, and comfort to players. Many players such as Dame Lillard, Jeff Teague, and Ricky Rubio have been wearing the Crazylight Boost this season but D. Rose is the first to actually have the technology in his own signature shoe.

    “Having the Boost cushioning in my new signature shoe makes it the most favorite of mine that we’ve ever done,” Rose has said. “I’ve played in them for a couple months, but every time I put them on it feels like a new shoe and it’s the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Now, I can’t imagine playing without Boost in my shoes.”

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  • adidas D Rose 5

    adidas Hoops

    2. The names of his mother and son are featured on the toes of each shoe

    This may be the most personal sneaker D. Rose has ever put out. There are a lot of phrases that are woven throughout the shoe that reveal insights into Derrick, his family, and his path to success. First thing to note is that the names “Brenda” (mother) and P.J (son) are featured on the toes of each shoe. Then around the ankle support area there is great detailing of phrases and acronyms that have impacted his life one way or another. Check out what they mean below:

    • “R.A.D” – Stands for his brothers, Reggie, Allen, and Dwayne, who helped raise Derrick, giving him the opportunity to play basketball undeterred
    • “Not supposed to be here” – quote Derrick gave at a press conference for the launch of the D Rose 3 where he spoke on how he defied the odds to be a successful NBA player
    • “No Freshman” – represents the rule at his high school where freshman weren’t allowed to play on the varsity basketball team
    • “Everybody Eats” – his desire to uplift those in his circle and from his neighborhood of Englewood
    • “1.7%” – the odds that the Chicago Bulls had to land the first overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, which they used to select Derrick
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  • 3. He stole a pair of the 5s a year before the sneaker was unveiled

    He mentioned in a Q&A that he stole a pair of his latest signature sneakers a whole year before they released. The reason was that they were so comfortable and beneficial during his recovery process he felt he needed the new cushioning system to help bring his game back to where it was.

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    4. The sneaker is continually building upon previous releases

    When you first take a look at all the D Rose kicks,  you can tell there is a difference between his shoe and the “stereotypical” adidas shoe. It is sneaker that is truly dedicated to performance and for a dynamic athlete like Derrick Rose, he needs a lot of support. The line does not want to dramatically change its approach to his sneaker each year and is constantly building upon the shoe. They are just finding ways to make it better. Rose wants his story to stay in tact.

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  • adidas D Rose 5

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    5. The D Rose 5 features an improved Sprint Web

    However, while there are not a lot of major changes besides the Boost technology this year, the shoe does offer some new elements. There’s an all-new EVA fit-cage that provides strength and support and an evolved Sprint Web for light-weight support and breathability.

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    6. The rose petals in his logo have a specific meaning

    The folks at adidas are known for showcasing their three-striped signature gracefully around their shoes, but in this case, D. Rose’s signature “Rose” logo is displayed. As the logo becomes more recognizable, it is important that D. Rose’s signature is properly branded. The D Rose 3 was the first model to dub the logo — but don’t worry, they also included the three-stripes underneath the heel of the shoe.

    As for the logo, it is made up of three rose petals, which represent his three older brothers. The number “1” in the middle is for his mother and his jersey number.

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  • 7. The new shoe features Roman numerals

    If you do not completely understand Roman numerals like myself, above the logo sits the numerals MMXIV-MMXV, which indicates that the D Rose 5 is the sneaker he would be wearing during the 2014-15 NBA season.

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  • 8. Wore the “Home” colorway in his first official game back at MSG

    In his anticipated return after missing last season, Rose wore the D Rose 5 “Home” colorway at the Garden earlier this year, scoring 13 points in a Bulls win. It’s always great to bring home with you, even on the road.

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  • adidas D Rose 5

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    9. His favorite colorway is the “Alternate Away”

    His favorite colors are grey and blue. Go figure.

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    10. No signature sneaker sports more unique colorway inspiration

    Expect the brand to be more creative this time around and put out some more dope colorways this winter. They have already unveiled plans for this holiday season to drop a couple of unique colorways, such as the “Icy Frost” that is pictured, an all black silhouette entitled “Bad Dreams,” the Chicago-influenced “Chicago Ice,” “Woven Blues,” and a “Home Grey” version.

    You can’t go playing on Christmas without rocking some serious footwear, and Rose is definitely doing just that. He’ll most likely don a “Nightmare Before Christmas” edition on Christmas Day. Be on the lookout for all of these to be released in the near future.

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  • adidas D Rose 5
  • adidas D Rose 5
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  • adidas D Rose 5
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  • adidas D Rose 5
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Throughout the past decade no position in basketball has evolved more than the point guard position. Gone are the days PGs only played below the rim. In 2008, a rare player entered the NBA and changed the position forever. His name was Jerryd Bayless Derrick Rose. Say what you want to say, D. Rose is without a doubt one of the most special players in the game today. He is the poster child of ultra athletic point guards that have become a fixture in the NBA, along with guys like Russell Westbrook and John Wall. Built on explosiveness and God-given quickness, he is the perfect guy to build a sneaker around.

In the NBA only a few guys are granted the opportunity to own a signature shoe. The typical names such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant are some of the most notable but Rose has successfully put out five signature kicks under the adidas brand.

Behind every successful signature line there is a narrative that influences the design of the shoes. It is like a movie that keeps pumping sequels. There is always more to the story we don’t know. The release of the D Rose 5 Boost continues the legacy of his playing style with homage to his roots growing up in Chicago. He has already debuted a lineup that includes “Home,” “Away,” “Alternate,” and “Brenda” colorways and this Thursday at Champ Sports, he is dropping the black/white colorway. Make sure you definitely pick these up. In honor of the release, here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Derrick Rose’s Sneakers.

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