10 Hip-Hop Songs That Will Get Any Locker Room Hyped This Year

  • 1. "Hot N*gga"

    Bobby Shmurda

    This one isn’t even a question. The Brooklyn rapper took a Jahlil Beats’ instrumental and flipped it to create the biggest song of the summer. There isn’t a club in New York City you can go to without hearing this track.

    Such stars as Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber have mimicked the captivating “Shmoney Dance” — in fact, a whole crew of celebrities are doing it. Drake and Lil Wayne even brought him out to perform the track at their show in New Jersey. Complex needs more credit for helping break in the new rapper, as they were the first publication to interview the young artist.

    Everything about the song is great. The beat, lyrics, and chorus all do an awesome job getting you hyped up, so it only makes sense that every locker room in America should listen to this song before running onto the field or stepping onto the court.

    USA basketball recently cruised through the 2014 FIBA World Cup to win a second straight gold. In celebrating the win, the entire team broke out into the Shmoney Dance while still on the gold medal podium. If this isn’t proof that all lockers rooms need to blast this song, then I don’t know what is.

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  • 2. "0 to 100"


    Real quick.

    It could easily be argued that this is the song of the summer, too. As much as you might want to hate it, it still is Drake season. You can’t walk down any New York City streets without hearing a car bumping a recent Drake track. I’m sure the Raptors have Drake’s full discography playing before they step onto the court at the Air Canada Centre.

    This is the first song I listen to when I get to the gym, for good reason. It gets me super amped up and I am just lifting weights. It would be a cool experience to see how these players get hyped up before starting a professional game. I can guarantee you a lot of them listen to Drake’s stuff, specifically the anthem of the summer “0-100.”

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  • 3. "We Dem Boyz"

    Wiz Khalifa

    For being such a chill and relaxed individual, Wiz sure has put out some energetic songs. It all started in 2007, when young Khalifa dropped his single “Say Yeah,” which is poppy and energetic club song. Wiz continued to make smash hits heard around the world with “Black And Yellow,” “Work Hard, Play Hard” and “We Dem Boyz.” All of these songs are perfect tracks to add to your pregame playlist. The song “Black And Yellow” even helped propel the Pittsburgh Steelers to reach the 2011 Super Bowl. The team ran onto the field blasting Wiz’s smash single that entire season.

    It is now the 2014 season and “We Dem Boyz” is that song. The smash hit off the album Blacc Hollywood is taking the sports world by storm. I have heard the song the last couple of weeks during college football. Last week during Monday Night Football, I heard “We Dem Boyz” blaring through my television.

    Some fans will argue that Wiz has digressed from his old mixtape ways, but it is a matter of fact that Wiz has made some smash hits in his career, similar to the great Ray Lewis. There is no question that every team should blast “We Dem Boyz” in the locker room before starting a game.

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  • 4. "Believe Me"

    Lil Wayne & Drake

    The saying goes the more you say something, the more you start to believe it. That is exactly true with this song. The more you play this song, the more you believe that “no one can cover for you.” You simply state the two words — believe me — and every day you will start to think people should actually take your lead and starting to believe you.

    This is the perfect song for the leader on the field, the guard dribbling up the ball or the captain of the soccer team about to take the game-winning penalty kick.

    Welcome to Carter V season, people.

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  • 5. "No Flex Zone"

    Rae Sremmurd

    There is a reason we all go out and dance with our friends. It provides entertainment and excitement. All successful sports teams have strong camaraderie and tend to have happy locker rooms. How do you keep a locker room joyful? Easy. Blast some “No Flex Zone” and dance around like it’s the last day on earth.

    This viral song has been remixed by everyone on the rap game. The beat is catchy, the chorus is addicting, and the idea behind the song is ironic.

    I can almost guarantee we see an NFL player whip out a “No Flex Zone” dance after scoring a touchdown or sacking the quarterback. Get the whole teaming listening to the track before the game and you are bound to have a successful season.

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  • 6. "Sh!t Remix"

    Future, Drake & Juicy J

    I really need Kendrick to drop this new single “1.” After making this list, I realized half the songs were either a Drake track or featured Drake. I can’t tell if I really am that big of a Drake fan or Drake is really this hot right now. Could be a combination.

    This song is a sleeper. It never really got the true love it deserved — one of the few songs where I think the remix is better than the original (Hi “Ignition). I’m listening to this track while I write this article and this Mike Will beat is crazy. You can’t help but bob your head the entire introduction. Drake and Juicy rip their verses, too.

    A very under the radar track for teams that like to fly under the radar. The perfect theme song for the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs or the Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks. “Sh!t” is the type of song you listen to right before the starting lineup is introduced or your team is about to run onto the playing field.

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  • 7. "Trophies"


    The title of the song says it all. You play the game to win. When you win you receive a trophy. The way to obtain that elegant piece of plastic? Listening to Drake’s “Trophies,” that’s how.

    All teams need to have this song on their pregame playlist. If you listen to the lyrics close enough you truly get inspired. “I just do it ‘cause I’m supposed to.” Sometimes you need to just suck it up, stop complaining, and get the job done.

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  • 8. Any of the 4 songs Big Sean just dropped

    Big Sean

    Last week Big Sean dropped four songs at once and honestly they are all fire. The songs even inspired Complex to write an article about the growth we have seen from Sean since his Finally Famous days.

    If I am building a playlist for a team to listen to in the locker room before a game this is the order I am going with: “I Don’t F*ck With You,” “Jit/Juke,” “Paradise,” and then “4th Quarter.” Hit them with the final track “4th Quarter” in order to make sure the team remembers to give 100 percent effort until the final whistle blows.

    All of the tracks are perfect to pump up your team. Thanks for dropping these, Sean.

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  • 9. "Money Baby"

    K Camp

    I’m not entirely sure if K Camp is heating up on the West Coast yet, so this choice might be a little bit biased. By the time you read this article, K Camp’s “Money Baby” will have 25-plus million hits on YouTube. Not bad for a relatively new rapper.

    It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, when this song comes on you instantly get excited. It’s all about the money and K Camp’s “Money Baby” helps instill that.

    Listening to this before the big game is a must.

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  • 10. "All Me"

    Drake, 2 Chainz & Big Sean

    These three need to make another song soon. I’m still sort of undecided if this song has the Drake effect or if it will go down as a career-making track. If you take a second to think about it, a fan could argue that this is Big Sean’s biggest verse to date. That fan wouldn’t even be making a crazy point. In his recent interview with Complex, Big Sean said he has helped shaped culture with bringing adidas to the forefront, wearing Ti$A, and “swerve.” I thought it was the Drake effect, but then Sean dropped this 4-song bomb and changed my opinion.

    “All Me” is one of the older songs on the list, but hasn’t fallen off the rotation quite yet. It’s a song that’s needed on the pump up playlist. No questions asked.

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  • Bobby Shmurda
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Lil Wayne
  • Rae Sremmurd
  • Drake
  • K Camp
  • 2 Chainz

What songs are on your gym playlist? What tracks get you excited, energized, and eager to go out and conquer the world? Whether it be going to the gym, getting ready to play some pickup basketball or even walking to work, there are certain artists out there that I have to listen to in order to provide the right type of energy. I have a bunch of screaming Meek Mill, witty Drake, and sarcastic 2 Chainz on my iPhone. Those, with a handful of others, are the guys that pump me up and get me through my day.

We over here at The Drop came up with 10 songs that are getting played by your favorite athletes in locker rooms across the country. There is nothing more important than the right type of chemistry in the locker room. The perfect way to get everyone motivated is through the power of music. Look how the Harlem Shake brought the Miami Heat together.

Gatorade took some notes from Jordan Brand and dropped an inspirational farewell commercial to Derek Jeter. The commercial includes DJ walking the streets of NYC, introducing himself to any person in sight, eventually making his to tipping his hat in the middle of Yankee Stadium. Frank Sinatra‘s “My Way” plays in the background of the entire commercial. A very fitting song for the New York shortstop. Music and sports will always have a close connection.

Between Drake’s monthly singles, Bobby Shmurda’s smash club anthem or Rae Sremmurd’s catchy hit, we have been fed some great music over the past year and half. Thanks to Champs Sports, here are 10 Hip-Hop Songs That Will Get Any Locker Room Hyped This Year.

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