10 College Football Players That Are Flourishing on Instagram

  • Todd Gurley (RB, Georgia)

    Georgia’s stud running back Todd Gurley usually does his stunting on the football field, so his Instagram account has been a bit quiet over the past month. But now that he’s been reinstated by the NCAA and will be able to return to the field, expect his feed to ramp up again—good news for his 100,000+ followers.

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  • Mike Davis (RB, South Carolina)

    Two things become clear when you browse through Mike Davis’ IG feed: he’s passionate about football and he has an affinity for sneakers—not necessarily in that order. The junior running back for South Carolina occasionally blesses his 30,000+ followers with images of customized Air Jordans that many of us can only dream of owning. Needless to say, his sneaker game is on point. He’s no slouch on the gridiron either.

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  • Braxton Miller (QB, Ohio State)

    Not even a season-ending injury can keep Ohio State’s Braxton Miller from stuntin’ on IG. In fact, it seems like the star quarterback has even more time to devote to his feed. He’s traded in the shoulder pads for a suit, and is not afraid to strike a pose for the camera on the sidelines. Dude’s got all-around game.

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  • Bryce Petty (QB, Baylor)

    When you’re the quarterback of a high-flying college football team, people are going to take notice. Bryce Petty’s success on the field has translated into success off it too, especially when it comes to social media. He’s got a solid IG following of 22,000+, and is known to consistently give fans a glimpse into his seemingly busy life, family, friends, and teammates included.

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  • Brett Hundley (QB, UCLA)

    Playing football in Southern California at a top program like UCLA has its perks—something Brett Hundley knows a thing or two about. Sure, you get the expected football-related posts, but browsing through Hundley’s feed, you’ll also catch glimpses of him doing things like parasailing, going on exotic vacations, and casually chilling with Denzel—yes, the Denzel.

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  • Vic Beasley (DE, Clemson)

    What Clemson defensive end Vic Beasley lacks in quantity of Instagram posts, he makes up for with quality. He’s been known to willingly pose with friends and teammates, and sprinkles in the occasional sneaker pic from time to time. They may be competing brands, but adidas and Nike seem to live in harmony on this IG feed.

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  • Robert Nkemdiche (DT, Ole Miss)

    One of the most electric players in all of college football also has an equally impressive Instagram feed to match. Whether it’s a pic of him laying the hammer down on opponents, posted up next to a sweet whip, or flashing a pair of new kicks, there’s no shortage of quality entertainment on this account.

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  • Ne’Quan Phillips (DB, Hawaii)

    As a college football player, how could you resist the temptation of stuntin’ when you attend a school like the University of Hawaii? When Hawaii DB Ne’Quan Phillips made the move from his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Honolulu, Hawaii, his Instagram feed went from 0-to-100 with the quickness. Just take a look at one of the many pics of him hiking around Hawaii or chillin’ on the beach and try not to feel the envy.

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  • Trevor Knight (QB, Oklahoma)

    If stuntin’ is all about football and beautiful women, then OU quarterback Trevor Knight has it all figured out. Every post on his IG feed is elevated thanks to his looker of a girlfriend. This guy is such a hot commodity right now that even Katy Perry is looking to get a piece. He’s got game on the field too.

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  • Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin)

    There isn’t a whole lot going on in Madison, Wisconsin, but that hasn’t stopped Badgers running back Melvin Gordon from living his life to the fullest—at least that’s the impression his IG feed gives off. In addition to dope edits of on-field pics, his account is littered with intriguing images that range from exotic cars to cameos by NFL players like Russell Wilson. He also changes up the scenery every once in a while with the occasional golf shot.

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The lives—and the accompanying perks—of professional football players have been well documented in the social media era, particularly on Instagram (which is perhaps the most visual of the various social platforms at our disposal). However, generally speaking, college football players haven’t had the opportunity to floss on IG in quite the same manner. And in a way, it makes sense—collegiate athletes have to sometimes think twice about oversharing and have to follow more strict guidelines so as to not infringe upon the countless sanctions that the NCAA could potentially levy on them, thus jeopardizing their eligibility and their future in pro sports. With that said, that doesn’t change the fact that college football is brimming with strong personalities that like to do their fair share of stunting, whether it’s on the field or on social media.

Where watching a college football game on Saturday only gives you an idea of what players are like on the field, Instagram provides an added insight into what it’s like to be a collegiate athlete playing at the D-1 level. Think about it—college players may not get paid, but those who go to schools like UCLA and the University of Hawaii get perks in other forms.

Taking a break from the action-packed season, we put together a list of college football players that are stuntin’ on Instagram in every way possible. These guys are no slouches on the football field either. Here are 10 College Football Players That Are Flourishing on Instagram.

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